Venice Airport Transfer


Water taxis are the limousines of Venice and you will feel like a celebrity when you arrive in one. A private venice airport transfer will take you from VCE Marco Polo airport to Venice in under 35 minutes. There is no sharing with other passengers or making drop offs along the way. You will be taken directly to your hotel.


Do you need to catch a cruise?

No problem! Venice airport transfer provide water taxis which can get you to the cruise terminal in 40 minutes and is the quickest way to get to the cruise terminal. Private water taxis will take you directly to the dock of your hotel in class and style so if you want the best start to your stay in Venice.

Travelling in a Large Group?

No Problem! Water taxis can accommodate up to 8 passengers and 10 pieces of luggage and is a bestseller with our regular customers who travel with their friends and family.

Simply complete the form provided and Venice airport transfer will get back to you immediately and provide you with the water taxi best suited to your needs.


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Venice Airport Transfer

A private water taxi in Venice is by far the most glamorous and easiest method of reaching your hotel or apartment in Venice. If you are departing Venice then a private water taxi can collect you from the hotel and take you to the Cruise Terminal, Piazzale Roma, Santa Lucia Railway Station and of course back to Venice Marco Polo Airport.

To avoid overpaying for a private water taxi on arrival it is highly recommended that you pre-book in advance. Arriving at Marco Polo and attempting to get your water taxi can present unnecessary hassle which can be avoided. The problems you may encounter can include staff or drivers not speaking any English and if you do not speak any Italian then this can result to be quite challenging. If you do find someone who can speak some English you could be quoted a price higher than someone who has pre-booked so turning up and trying to get a water taxi is not really recommended. A typical journey from VCE to Venice island can cost between €85-€120 depending on which part of the island you are going to. There are supplements to be paid for arrivals and departures before 7am and after 10pm which can add another €10 to the cost.

Private water taxis are moored at the pier which is a short 5-7 minute walk from the arrivals hall. You can arrange a private meet and greet service which includes a shuttle service to the pier however like everything else in Venice this will cost extra and is usually referred to as a VIP service.

If you have pre-booked your water taxi then your driver will know where to take you and more importantly they know that you have prepaid. Journeys from Venice Marco Polo to Venice island will take approximately 35 minutes and if you arrive during the day then you will savour an unforgettable experience by taking in all the buildings and architecture synonymous with Venice.

If your hotel has its own private dock then you will be dropped off at the hotel. If however the hotel does not then the water taxi will take you as close as it can and this could result in a short walk. There are 5-6 hotels which to due to their location cannot be reached directly.

Here is a list of the hotels:

Duodo Palace, Star Hotel Splendid, Cavalletto, Bonvecchiati and Bonvecchiati Palace.

Another factor you should be aware of is the phenomenon known as Acqua Alta. As Venice is built on water, the tide level can affect the trajectory the water taxis can take. If the level is too high or too low then some hotels will not be able to be accessed by water taxi and you will be dropped off as close to your hotel as possible.

Private water taxis can hold up to 8 passengers and 10 pieces of luggage. They are covered so you would be sheltered if it rains but you can also enjoy the sunshine and feel the wind in your hair on a glorious bright and sunny day. As with all types of taxi transfers you are advised to ensure you take all your belongings with you as it may not be possible to retrieve any items later.

Upon arrival at Venice Marco Polo airport you should have full instructions on what to do and how to locate your private water taxi. You should be able to present your voucher as a printout, on your Smartphone or tablet and once everything has been verified you will be instructed to the pier.

For departure pickups from your hotel in Venice, all customers are sent a fax confirmation 24 hours prior to departure. This is sent to the main reception desk and will be handed to you. It will contain your pick time and location so there is no need to call an office to reconfirm your pick up. If you are staying in a private apartment then your pick up time can be calculated and given to you before you arrive in Venice.

Wheelchair access water taxis are available however requests should be made well in advance to guarantee the service as there are not many of them.

The alternatives to a private water taxi in Venice are the public lines or a shared water taxi. The shared water taxi will carry up to 8-10 passengers and make drop offs at set drop off points. This service is aimed at the budget traveller however it does have its own drawbacks. Firstly you can expect to wait for a minimum of 45 minutes before you can board the shared water taxi.

Once on board your journey time can double as you make numerous stops. Another drawback is that if you are travelling alone or with a child (3 passengers) you have to pay for a pair of tickets. For example one passenger will pay 2 tickets and 3 passengers will pay for 4 tickets and there is no negotiation as this is fixed. This option is more suitable for couples. Groups of 4 or more are advised to use a private water taxi as the cost is not much more and you will not be making any stops.

The public line is the cheapest option however they are regrettably the slowest way to travel in Venice. Overcrowded and extremely slow this option should only be considered if you want to mingle with the hordes of people onboard or if you have plenty of time on your hands.

For travellers who are embarking on a cruise from Venice's cruise terminal then a private water taxi will take you directly to the cruise port. Venice has a huge cruise terminal which is used by thousands of tourists everyday so if you are arriving or departing for a cruise a private water taxi can be the best option for you.